PHOTO GALLERY: Ed Westwick Suits Us Fine

Ed Westwick sure cleans up nice, doesn't he? Of course, we all already knew that, but it's nice of him to remind us once in a while.

Westwick was on the set of Gossip Girl with his co-star Jessica Szohr at the National Arts Club in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, all dolled up in a tux. And Jessica didn't look too shabby either.

Click through our photo gallery and revel in the grandeur that is Ed Westick in formal wear. No, no need to thank us.



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  • Halle

    Olivia Wilde wore that dress! I remember because I saved the picture, I thought the dress was so pretty with the jeweled cap sleeves... gosh that dress is gorgeous. Jessica looks great, as usual, although I prefer the way it looked on Olivia.

  • leighton meister
    leighton meister

    love him :)

  • Djushess

    Ugh..horrible photo. Really...this make up is totally wrong!

  • Djushess

    who the hell is Rob?ne is nothig in comparison with Ed!

  • obsessed

    obviously every possible human girl on earth is a fan of rob

  • JOcampo17

    i just read that chuck locks lips with a guy in one of the episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lizbizz11

    He's my second favorite next to Rob Pattinson....