PHOTO GALLERY: Speidi in the Bahamas

Didn't you just LOVE yesterday's mega photo gallery of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on the beach in the Bahamas?

Well, get ready for more of Speidi's beach antics in our latest round of bikini pics.

Heidi sucking on strawberries? Check. Spencer rubbing sunscreen all over his blonde, busty wife? Check. Over-the-top displays of affection? Check. Montag's Playboy cover in plain sight? Of course.

Check it all out right here, right now!



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  • Lauren

    They both need to get over themselves. Heidi is posing in ever single picture, they never miss a photo op. I cant stand them.

  • reneelucky7

    The Bahamas is awsome- Spencer & Heidi are not. When everything you do and say is for the camera's, then you are not really living life.

  • amanda

    thats disgusting!

  • Bana


  • Jen

    These two are just a parody of themselves. I know Spencer is just now learning to read, but damn it has taken him a long time to get through that magazine.

  • sexy b
    sexy b

    they are repulsive!!!!!!! get a life so annoying

  • noah

    Oh Spencer, you slay me.