Taylor Swift Disses the Jonas Brothers

Taylor Swift might be a real sweetheart where her fans are concerned, but when it comes to bands that include ex-boyfriends of hers it’s an entirely different matter.

The Fearless singer appeared on the BBC’s Radio 1 on Sunday to entertain fans’ questions and manic screams. But she also took time out to take a swipe at Joe Jonas, who infamously dumped her in a most ungracious manner last year.

The DJs asked Taylor to play a celebrity word-association game, prompting her to blurt out the first word that came to her mind when certain famous names were mentioned.

When the announcers got to the Jonas Brothers, Swift didn’t hesitate to reply, “Ouch.”

Ouch, indeed! Well played, Taylor.

Listen to the interview below, the magic moments comes at about the 9:17 mark:

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