VIDEO: Shirtless Alex Meraz Is Freaking Us Out

VIDEO: Shirtless Alex Meraz Is Freaking Us Out-photo

We know we shouldn't ruin a shirtless Alex Meraz moment with awkward questions, but this is just weird.

The New Moon hunk—who plays Paul in the Twilight sequel—recently subjected himself to a video portrait by photographer Tyler Shields, the genius behind this bizarre Zachary Quinto portrait.

And, well, the results this time around are equally puzzling.

So many questions. Why the angry face? The hole in the wall? Is this an Incredible Hulk tribute?

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments section: Is this confusing, sexy or both?



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  • Jenny

    OMG he's sooo hot! Thank you Tyler Shields!

  • Hillary

    The rest of the videos on are crazy

  • Hell yeah
    Hell yeah

    Diddo he can freak out whenever he wants. Shoot he can do anything he wants, he looks so good.

  • Wowwee

    Puzzling and intense at the same time. I like iT!

  • obsessed

    he can freak me out anytime :P judging by him growl (LOL) he seems as a good actor wayy hotter than TAYLOR though.. im still team rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twilightluvr7

    yeah i agree w/ Suaad Ahmed. His character Paul in New Moon is supposed to have a bad temper. The acting was very good lol n the abs verryy niice :)

  • Suaad Ahmed
    Suaad Ahmed

    to be honest it looks like what paul did when bella found out that they werewolves and this is probably something from the movie i think but the acting is 10/10 very good