Ed Westwick is Going Gay

Ed Westwick is Going Gay-photo

Man, things on Gossip Girl are gonna get interesting this season.

Not only does the CW show have guest stars like Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks spicing things up, now it seems that one of the characters is going to be sharing a same-sex smooch in an upcoming episode.

The New York Daily News has confirmed that womanizer Ed Westwick will be seducing a gay man, the NYU head of freshman affairs (played by Neal Bledsoe), as a favor to the manipulative Leighton Meister.

Have your say in the comments section: Will you tune in to see the steamy guy-on-guy action?



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  • lexi

    is this kiss really plausible? i mean blair's father left her mother for a man. no way any girl that happens to is gonna push their boyfriend on another guy. it just doesn't make sense. and it's a recent thing too so she'd still be working it out in her head. if i ever heard of a hole in a plot, this is one of those times.