Kate Gosselin Will Be Guest-Hosting The View

Kate Gosselin Will Be Guest-Hosting The View-photo

Get ready for the televised catfight to end all televised catfights!

People magazine reports that somewhat abrasive Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin will step in to guest-host on The View on September 14 and 15.

Why? Besides the high potential for ratings-grabbing fisticuffs, we mean?

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on maternity leave, and apparently the producers felt they needed someone just as disagreeable to keep the dynamic going.

Also slated to fill in for Hasselbeck on various dates are Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, La Toya Jackson, and Fox News anchor E.D. Hill.

But enough of that, let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kate and Whoopie Goldberg will end up going at each other with pistols, or machetes?



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  • P

    Kate has definitely gotten more than her 15 minutes of fame! Enough already. Stay home and take care of your kids.

  • jeffvond

    I think Kate is a breath of fresh air from that opinionated boneheaded Elizabeth!! Who assumes a catfight is going to happen??

  • reneelucky7

    As if the show The View couldn't get any more annoying.