Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Leave Twi-Hards Hanging

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Leave Twi-Hards Hanging-photo

Got tickets for the official New Jersey Twilight convention this weekend? Then we have some bad news for you.

Life & Style reports that Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, who were due to appear at the event, have abruptly pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.

"Ashley and Kellan had to pull out of appearing at the convention due to a change in their schedules," a publicist for the three-day, sold-out event tells the magazine.

Maybe Ashley has a hot date with Chace Crawford that she just can't pass up?

Event organizers Creation Entertainment will be refunding special tickets that allowed the holders to take pictures or get autographs from the stars. Those particular tickets were sold separately from the general-admission tickets, which cost upward of $300.

Tell us in the comments section: Would you shell out for tickets to a Twilight convention if none of the actors would be in attendance, or is the company of your fellow Twi-hards worth the price of admission?



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  • ronaldolvr

    Kellan would be better with mee!!!

  • obsessed

    i love ashley but she looks fugly in this pic her hair and dress are horrible. i would be a pissed twilight fan if this happened with me..

  • reneelucky7

    Even though I am not a huge fan of Twlight- I do not think that it is fair for the fans that paid for the tickets to see the Twlight stars. I understand that movie stars are busy- but so are regular people too. They should get a refund if they no longer want to attend the event.