VIDEO: Selena Gomez Bawls Her Eyes Out

VIDEO: Selena Gomez Bawls Her Eyes Out-photo

This girl really knows how to keep the tears coming.

In this new scene from Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie, which premieres on Disney tomorrow night, Selena Gomez breaks down to her big brother David Henrie.

She's still so cute when she cries, isn't she?

Will you be tuning in to catch all the drama on the Disney Channel tomorrow night? Let us know in the comments section!



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  • forevercullen

    wow seriously she made me cry in this scene!!! every time is see it...she's such a great actress

  • alexport01

    I've watched this mooviee 9 times to be honest and i even downloaded it !!! it's just so amazing !!! All the disney channel stars are my idols. after seeing this movie i had to watch it over and over again!! my friends and i watch it everytime they come over... the movie proves to us that you are lucky to have a family watching out for you, so don't waste it ... LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!I I Was going to post this on twitter but when i wanted to i forgot so here it is !!!!!! follow me at if you wanna find out where i downloaded the movie for free

  • ankli

    she is looking great ansh..wa..ra

  • SJJ

    wow i'm in tears i cant believe selena gomez made me cry. I Love her

  • Paths

    ela é tao fofa *-* eu amo ela, nossa ela é uma otima atriz! parabens selena, voce vai longe! ( i am a brazilia girl )

  • biikaa

    *cries*this made me cry, it's so sad. can't wait till this shows!! Selena is a great actress

  • lorraine

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................she is so cute,and a good actress.cant wait to watch the movie

  • jordan17

    sel deserves an "EMMY" she's great omg i love the movie, can't wait to buy it, so falling down for her song "love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I wish i can meet you one day

  • katten

    she looks good there, normally i don't like her fake look, her hair always looked kinda fake .. but this hair i like. And she looks cute there crying ...

  • mell

    wow she's really good! i even cried a little xD

  • aizawest1

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  • JLHJonas

    Selena Gomez, I honestly can say is that she is a talented young girl. Some people thought that she couldn't get an album out and now she has well coming out Sept 29. Don't forget to pick up your copy! Great Movie I saw it on Demand on Wednesday, Good movie I didn't get to here your music video but i just know you will have a bright future in your career! Good Luck!

  • helen

    she is amazing... such a big fan of her!!! i love you

  • Danielle

    Shouldn't there be a spoiler warning? Alex wins! I didn't want to know that until the movie comes out! Bastard.

  • andrea

    i saw this movie and that part made me cry it is so sad

  • Anakaren Barrera
    Anakaren Barrera

    She's so oooh ooh ooh really crying right now '' sel rocks

  • Emma Macklin
    Emma Macklin

    Oh my god. I was almost crying. It's unbelievable. I wish I was that good.

  • Jasmine

    Selena Gomez is such a great actress and I'm so sure that when she will be amazing and having more movies to come when she turns to an adult

  • Janet

    Wow Selena! Im watching this with my daughter tonight and let me tell you I will be crying again. That clip just touched my heart. Such an amazing actress and I certainly cant wait to see the rest of the movie. What an amazing career she will have when shes older!

  • vivianne

    You may say what you want about this one but she really can act! Great future ahead of her!

  • lolol

    omg, im really crying right now.. wow... go selena

  • Serena

    I watched this twice and I cried both times! She has the makings of a wonderful actress! Such a great girl.

  • Anna

    The ONLY Disney star that can act! Go Selena! ! !

  • Marlyne

    Wow She is such an Amazing Actress. This Video Make Me Cry. Def Watching The Movie.

  • Bianca

    she is so believable and i respect her so much for this outstanding performance she gived

  • steph

    I'm definitely watching this!! It really seems like a good all around movie! I've watched the show many times and I think the entire cast is talented and funny and this shows they can expand and do well! awesome!

  • Ruth

    She makes such a good actress. She's the onbly disney star i respect to be honest. Wow just wow I just finished crying. She gives out such a believable and touching performance in this.

  • cool

    wow she's a really good actress my sis cried everyone watch it on disney give her good ratings

  • waaa

    crap! am I crying???? hahahahah this make me cry!!