Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart: Baby After Sex Tape

Following last week’s scandalous, leaked sex tape, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane have been laying low on the media radar.

But now, it seems that they are trying to hide more than their embarassment. A baby!

Life and Style is reporting that the actress is 3-4 months pregnant!

An insider tells the magazine, “Having a baby has been a top priority of the past six months. She turned down the role of Penn Badgley’s mother on ‘Gossip Girl’ because it was based in N.Y.C. and she didn’t want to be away from Eric or travel that far. It was bad for her health.”

Rebecca “also turned down a Hallmark movie and a Lifetime movie because she was trying to have a baby”, adds the insider.

Do you think Gayheart and Dane would be good parents? Share your thoughts below.