Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Are Moving

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are sick of the paparazzi? No way!

In an effort to escape from the constant media around their seperate Hollywood Hills homes, both girls are planning on moving to seperate high-rise aparments in Los Angeles.

Lindsay has even more reason to move, as her house was broken into just last week. However, she’s been planning her relocation for a while now.

LiLo has movers coming today to transport all her stuff from her rented Hollywood Hills home to a much more secure apartment complex. The source tells E!, “That way, in a building, she can have a doorman and be a lot safer.”

Lindsay tweeted on Wednesday, “I’m sorry i haven’t been on in a bit. My life has been kind of in shambles considering my house was broken into and i feel really violated.”

Ronson, on the other hand, isn’t a big fan of the photographers stationed outside her home, which currently has a “for lease” sign on it. She’s also moving to a high-rise, but not the same one as Lindsay.

We could only imagine how disastrous that would be…