Marijuana Found at Michael Jackson’s Home

Did Michael Jackson go to pot before his death? reports that police found marijuana at Jackson’s rented Bel Air home the day after he died. The police were acting on a tip from an unnamed member of Jackson’s family who claimed to have found a bag of heroin in the deceased singer’s bedroom. However, the substance in the bag turned out to be moldy marijuana.

It’s not known who the marijuana belonged to, and no signs of pot or other illegal drugs were found in Jackson’s system during lab tests. In addition to the moldy pot, police found the generic form of Valium, bottles of the sedative/insomnia drug temazepam and several other prescription drugs and empty medication vials. A detective also noted that Jackson’s body showed signs of injection.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office is expected to release the cause of Jackson’s death sometime Friday morning. Earlier reports indicated that a dangerous “cocktail” of the anesthetic Propofol and other drugs was likely to blame.