PHOTO GALLERY: Megan Fox's Got the Ticket

Megan Fox may have the men of the world under her spell, but her sway over female parking enforcement officers is not quite so impressive.

The Transformers beauty parked her car in a no-parking zone in Santa Monica on Thursday, a fact that quickly drew the attention of one of the city's meter maids.

Despite her seeming efforts to charm her way out of a ticket, the actress was fined.

Click through our gallery of photos to see Megan get what she deserves.



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  • love

    [quote=yes it's me]f*ck you too megan fox ;D yes i agree w/ u too, she really sucks though her attitude stinks!!!!!!

  • lily

    yep she got that bad habbit of showing her fingers to the papzz.. she thinks she's so hot .. jesus christ her attitude really sucks.....

  • yes it's me
    yes it's me

    f*ck you too megan fox ;D

  • aizawest1
  • aizawest1
  • aizawest1
  • aizawest1
  • aizawest1
  • aizawest1
  • joe

    of course the officer is a woman hehe

  • Elisa

    If it was a male cop- she would of not got a ticket to start with. Oh you are so right! I am glad she got one; she got more money than any of us to pay them.

  • Cuter thanyou
    Cuter thanyou

    She deserves it. ...concieted Biatch!

  • Dean

    wow. that's pretty damn funny. I'll bet that was awkward for her to go through.

  • meganleigh


  • reneelucky7

    If it was a male cop- she would of not got a ticket to start with.