Did DJ AM Work Himself to Death?

Did DJ AM Work Himself to Death?-photo

DJ AM, who was found dead in his New York apartment on Friday at the age of 36, may have died in part due to his devotion to his profession.

TMZ reports that DJ AM—born Adam Goldstein—had been on anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax since surviving a 2008 plane crash that killed four people, so that he could continue to fly to his various career engagements.

Benzodiazepines, the class of drug that Goldstein was treating his fear of flying with, can reportedly easily trigger relapse in recovering addicts such as Goldstein, who was found with a crack pipe and half-full bag of crack cocaine next to his body.

TMZ adds that sources say that DJ AM's relapse was "recent" and, despite prior theories, had "absolutely nothing to do with his recent breakup" with model Hayley Wood.



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  • chula

    U all may be right but it dosent matter what he did for a living or wheather or not u liked him. Its the passing of a human being and thats what is the saddest thinh

  • Kevin

    You guys are completely ridiculous and have no idea what being a professional dj on his level is like. It's a lot of work. He also wasn't "sh*tty as f*ck". He was one of the best dj's in the world.

  • right on
    right on

    hahaha you guys are right! thoughts go out to his family and friends- peace

  • tromba

    He played records. How stressful could that possibly be? How much devotion does that require and when did being a freaking DJ become a profession? It's a part-time gig people do on weekends.

  • Jim

    Lol work himself to death? he's an over privileged sh*tty as f*ck dj, who the f*ck cares, have fun in hell douche bag.