Kim Kardashian Lands Yet Another Job

Is there anything that Kim Kardashian can’t do?

The reality TV personality/clothing-store owner/perfumer has landed yet another gig, as the Contributing Beauty Editor for OK! Magazine.

Kim’s stint will begin in September, during New York Fashion Week.

“I’m really looking forward to being a part of the team at OK!,” Kardashian says. “Now the types of tips I’ve given on my own blog can be seen by an even wider audience. I’ve always loved beauty, so opportunities like this and the upcoming partnership with Lighthouse feel like natural, perfect fits.”

Says OK! publisher Lori Burgess, “We are proud to welcome Kim to OK!,” says Publisher Lori Burgess. “She represents Hollywood’s new breed of celebrity — transforming her star status into a legitimate brand and business.”

Congratulations, Kim! But, um, leave a job or two out there for the rest of us, will you? Times are tough out there for the common folk, you know…