Macaulay Culkin Fathered Michael Jackson’s Son?

In “File Under ‘Hmmm…'” news, British newspaper the Sun reports that former Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin may be the biological father of Michael Jackson’s seven-year-old son, Prince Michael II—aka Blanket.

Culkin and Jackson (in?)famously befriended each other in the early ’90s, after Culkin, now 29, shot to fame in the Home Alone movie franchise. And now, claims a source, their bond went much deeper than mere buddy-dom.

“This isn’t just chitter-chatter, even Culkin suspects he’s Blanket’s father,” the source insists. “Jackson and Culkin were best friends. He was one of the few people Jackson really trusted and Mack never let him down…Really, Jackson idolized him —that’s why he asked Mack to donate sperm. Deep down, I think he always wished Mack was his son. Creating Blanket was the next best thing.”

Readers, we know you have some thoughts on this, so take to the comments section and let us know: Do you think it’s even remotely possible that Macaulay Culkin is Blanket’s biological dad?