Report: Miley Cyrus is a Homewrecker!

Is Miley Cyrus a low-down, dirty boyfriend-stealer?

According to Laura Griffin, she is.

Griffin, the former girlfriend of Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth, takes to the new issue of the Australian edition of Woman’s Day to tell the world about the world of heartache that she’s experiencing due to the Hannah Montana star’s homewrecking ways.

As 19-year-old Griffin explains it, she and Hemsworth first met in school when she was in Year 8, and the Hemsworth family relocated from Melbourne to Phillip Island.

“He was the new boy at school and all the girls liked him,” smiles Laura. “He was popular, a bit of a joker and made me laugh.”

Within a year, Griffin continues, she and Hemsworth’s relationship blossomed into true love.

“We became inseparable,” Griffin—who dated Liam for five years—recalls. “He tried to teach me to surf, we watched movies, and went shopping. Liam became more than a boyfriend, he was my best friend.”

That all changed this year, when Hemsworth ran off to Tybee Island, Georgia, to film the movie The Last Song with Miley. Soon, Hemsworth called it off with Griffin, and after finding out that Liam had become Cyrus’ love interest off-screen as well as on, she had a pretty good idea about why her former “inseparable” boyfriend had ditched her.

“He was my boyfriend and my best friend,” Griffin says. “There is no other reason why we would have broken up.”

Adding insult to loneliness, Griffin says that Cyrus began indirectly taunting her by posting messages on her Twitter such as “Against all odds I fell in love” and “I think I’ll just sit around and eat sushi and watch Liar Liar with Liam.”

Now, according to Griffin, she’s experiencing “total, utter regret” and suffers from “depression of some sort.”

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