VIDEO: Demi Lovato Joins the JoBros on Stage

VIDEO: Demi Lovato Joins the JoBros on Stage-photo

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, together on one stage? Did we die and go to heaven?

Here We Go Again singer Lovato joined Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas turned up at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Sunday to bust out "This Is Me" with the boys. No word on whether this was before or after Joe Jonas busted his but with his unfortunate onstage trampoline mishap.

Check out the mind-blowing results of Demi and Joe's duet and let us know in the comments section: Do you think they make a good musical match?


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  • tara

    I was there and it was AFTERRRR joes fall :P haha demi came out right by the end... I LOVE THEM AND HER :) :)

  • Tina

    i swear that girl cant keep her freakin arm still for 1 second! Im surprised she didn't accidently wack joe in the face! all i hear from you is blah blah blah blah, you don't like her, don't read about her...! (you do not want me to finish that sentence)

  • sisii

    OMG they are so awesome together....demi is a great singer :D

  • jonasluver

    i think they make the cutest couple ever! they look awesome together!

  • Camila

    in chile they do the same :)

  • joe jonas lover
    joe jonas lover

    omg they are soooo cute together! too bad they will never be more than friends. demi sounds amazin btw. and aww nick is soo cute playing his guitar :D

  • jessica

    I Love Them Both So Much I They Ever Do Date Wich i know Thy Wont Becouse They Been Best Friends For Like So So Long ... Like Demi Is Like a Sis To The Jonas Brotehrs .. But If The Everr Do i Think They Would Make An Asome Cuple :)

  • daf

    it was after he fell on his ass haha

  • nwl

    they are both really cute and i'm a huge fan of them but they are just friends and i think they want to keep it that way

  • Anni

    wow that was great! I sooo love them together, they make a good couple. I can't wait for Camp Rock 2. And Demi is soo talented, just like the JoBros. Don't be do rude to her, her voice is sooo amazing and she is really pretty!!! JEMI FOREVER!!!!

  • jen

    i swear that girl cant keep her freakin arm still for 1 second! Im surprised she didn't accidently wack joe in the face!


    omg ive always wanted them together JOE JONAS AND DEMI LOVATO i think that sounds like love and its wayyyyyyy better then joe and taylor ewwww he is way tooo tooo good for her i LOVE JOE BROS!!!!

  • Guest

    There's a lot of arm flailing and hair whipping. Meh. Not impressed.

  • mary2894

    That's the best I've heard Demi sing live.

  • obsessed

    eww no they dont look good together

  • ahhh

    cool i hope joe and demi dates!!!


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