Jayde Nicole's Rep Says Joe Francis Hit That From Behind

Jayde Nicole's Rep Says Joe Francis Hit That From Behind-photo

Despite Joe Francis' protestations of innocence, Playboy Playmate and Brody Jenner arm candy Jayde Nicole is still insisting that the Girls Gone Wild mogul was the aggressor in their violent altercation at West Hollywood watering hole Guys and Dolls last Friday.

"Jayde Nicole was the victim of a violent assault when she was attacked from behind, thrown down to the ground by her hair and beaten in the face and body in front of multiple witnesses by a person identified as Joe Francis," Nicole's rep, Jerry Shandrew, said in a statement on Monday, according to E! Online.

Shandrew adds that his client will remain mum on the matter while the police sort things out.

"Because of the ongoing criminal investigation of Mr. Francis, it will be inappropriate to comment further at this time out of respect for the law enforcement process," Shandrew stated.

That investigation might be going on for a while, as Nicole and Francis have presented very different version of the evening's events. Nicole maintains that Francis was harassing a female friend of hers, so she threw a drink in his face, at which point Francis lashed out at her physically.

Francis, meanwhile, insists that he was "cold-cocked" unprovoked by Jenner.

Jayde's rep Shandrew claims that videotape evidence from the event and hospital records will prove Francis a liar.  "It is the hope of those who love and care about Jayde that Mr. Francis will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Shandrew says.

Let us know in the comments section: Who do you side with in the Jayde Nicole/Joe Francis brouhaha?



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  • KD

    Having actually seen the video, it's clear both are lying. She poured a drink on his head from behind, and he grabbed her by the hair, threw her down and got in one kick before a bunch of guys hustled him off her. He wasn't cold-c*cked, and she certainly wasn't "beaten in the face and body", which would imply that he hit her multiple times, and on the video that's not shown to be the case. Francis clearly overreacted, but that's not an excuse for what he did. He attacked a woman in a brutal manner, and he should rightfully face punishment for that. But it's also clear that this is another hot girl thinking that just because she's had a few thou of plastic surgery done and is officially "beautiful", that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. She clearly provoked him to anger, and in this day and age, his reaction didn't really surprise me. I would have been surprised if he hadn't confronted her about it.

  • Kate

    actually the video tape evidence supports the ggw guy. i dislike him just as much as anyone (well, everyone) but i really think he's right in this one... really sucks, because i've heard he has a history of violence against women and I'd love to see him prosecuted, but i don't think Jayde is gonna win this one. sorry wonk-eye.

  • berly

    Her eye's are a little more than weird. She's freak'n scary lookin.....

  • hmm

    Her eyes are weird...

  • hel

    He's a pig, but before any of that even registered- holy sh*t is that headline f*cking Tasteless. Way to flaunt your misogyny there, celebuzz.

  • reneelucky7

    She was wrong for throwing a drink at him- but all he had to do was get the bouncers, and they would of have thrown her ass out- then she would of been the one looking stupid. Instead, he just beat the sh*t out of her. He has no respect for women. He views them like objects, not people. And I am sure that this is not his first time he has beat a woman. His whole career is based of degrading women. Jayde should sue the f*ck out of him and take his ass to the cleaners.

  • katie

    guess what NANA .... the reson sometimes us women throw a beverage in a guys face is because men disrespect us and thing they can get away with it. Let a guy throw a drink in my face big deal, but to beat me up physically is wrong. If a woman hit a man i think a man should be able to hit back.... but she didn't hit him.... come on now for a man to do this to a woman after some drink got him wet. He needs to be prosecuted and finally something done with this ***hole of a human being. Thats men for you!!

  • nana

    beating a woman is soooooooooo wrong,but throwing a glass of wathever over someone also is wrong,why do we woman think that we can do wathever to a man because he cannot put his hands on me,,so wrong woman

  • reneelucky7

    She should just keep a low profile. Joe is pathetic. It makes me sick that people have a nerve to defend him- when now several eye witness accounts of the assult that happend that night. And now there is video tape evidence and medical reports to back her up. People go to night clubs to relax and chill out- not have to report to the police of an assult of a woman.



  • noah

    I was going to side with Jayde but then I took a closer look at the photo of her on this story and I'm convinced her lopsided eyeballs are a sign that she might be an alien. While I truly believe that Joe Francis is to blame for this altercation, I simply cannot support an alien over a fellow human.