Nick Jonas Is Honored to Be Mocked by Russell Brand

Nick Jonas doesn’t mind being thought of as a joke. At least, when the joke is coming out of Russell Brand’s mouth.

Jonas recently told the BBC that he felt a twisted sort of honor over being mocked at last year’s Video Music Awards by British funnyman Brand, who’ll once again do hosting duties for the awards ceremony on September 13.

Brand had mocked Nick, along with his brothers Joe and Kevin, for wearing purity rings and retaining their virtue in this modern age.

“As far as his comments were concerned, what we said from the beginning was that he seemed to run out of material—but if we’re the butt of his jokes, it’s kind of a compliment in a bizarre way,” Jonas noted.

There you have it, folks; if you see Nick Jonas walking down the street, be sure to mock  his values system. He’d probably be insulted if you didn’t.

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