Paula Abdul Says She Quit ‘Idol’ Over Principle, Not Cash

If you guessed that Paula Abdul abruptly abandoned her judging post on American Idol because she wanted a boat-load of money to stay, you’re wrong.

She did it out of integrity.

“I had to stand on my principle,” Abdul—who reportedly wanted $20 million to stay with the show—tells TV Guide. “I stand on principle where many people stand on money. I’m a hard-working artist. I’ve lasted in this business for 23 years. And you can’t do that unless you are good at what you do.”

Adds Abdul, “I believe in myself and you have to have your own self respect. And sometimes decisions are very difficult to make, but I’ve always believed that at the core I’m a survivor. There’s not one thing I’ve done that I’ve really set my mind to that I’ve failed at.”

So what’s next for Abdul, now that she’s principled herself right out of a TV gig? “I definitely want to do a talk show because it would be different,” Abdul says.

Hmm; may we suggest Money Talks With Paula Abdul as a possible title?

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you buy Paula’s whole “principle” line?