Spencer Pratt Will Divorce Heidi if She Dares to Get Pregnant

Stop the presses! Did Spencer Pratt just say something…sensible?

Us Magazine reports that Hills villain Pratt has given his lovely and talented wife, Heidi Montag, an ultimatum: Don’t get pregnant, or he’ll leave her.

“I told her there’s a divorce or adoption” if she becomes with child, Pratt recalls. “If she’s not down with the adoption, I think it’s divorce.”

So what’s behind all the anti-paternal feelings?

“I’m a baby [myself]. I’m not prepared,” Pratt, 26, admits. “And I’m not sure the world wants a Spencer Pratt spawn.” 

Well, even a stopped clock’s right twice a day.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you relieved that there won’t be any little Spencer Pratt clones running around in the near future?