Hookup Alert: Tony Romo and Chace Crawford's Sister

Hookup Alert: Tony Romo and Chace Crawford's Sister-photo

Well, he definitely has a type.

Tony Romo is now dating Chace Crawford's 22-year-old sister, Candice Crawford, who is a blonde beauty queen and looks almost identical to his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

The two are definitely seeing each other, a source close to Romo confirms.

A friend of Candice also confirms, "She's not happy that it's out [in the media], but they weren't trying to hide. They've gone out to dinner in Dallas a bunch."

Candice was Miss Missouri 2008 and is super hot. Good catch, Tony!



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  • reneelucky7

    I know Jessica has to be crying her eyes out right now to here this news about him moving on.

  • Kyle

    The girl s blonde but that's about it. She looks much more like Leah Miller.

  • laynie

    oh come on, she looks NOTHING like jessica simpson! Agreed. This girl is much, much prettier than Jessica.

  • Guest

    At first glance, I thought the hookup alert was Tony Romo and Chace Crawford

  • anna

    Romo seems to be too much into Hollywood!! He NEEDS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT HIS FOOTBALL CAREER! He has to bring it this year or he will BE OUT! His too busy chasing as*!!! The girl is average!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vampers

    Beyond the blondness, they don't look anything alike. If that's all you need to look 'identical' to someone else, then I guess there are a thousands of Jessica Simpson clones running around the US.

  • ashleigh

    oh come on, she looks NOTHING like jessica simpson!