Tim Gunn To Jon Gosselin: "This Worries Me"

Tim Gunn To Jon Gosselin:

Jon Gosselin may be a BIG ladies man these days, but there's one person who's definitely not digging his style.

Project Runway star Tim Gunn says that the reality TV dad needs a new look.

He tells Us that Jon is committing the "biggest crime against fashion" for men: wearing the incorrect size.

"In his case, everything is too big," Tim explains. "It is what I refer to as the slobification of America. If you want to dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, then don't get out of bed."

What about Jon's wifey Kate and that famous 'do of hers? "If that's the way she wants to present herself, then she's doing a good job," he insists.

Aww, Tim. We love you!

Readers, do you think Jon needs a fashion makeover? Share your thoughts on his style in the comments.



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  • jeffvond

    Wouldn't tighter clothes show off that sexy gut of his and his tiny penis??

  • Bwaha

    The best outfit for Jon Gosselin would be a Giant Plastic Bag with a Rubber Hose coming out of one end. Fill the bag with water. That way he will dress as the GIANT DOUCHE that he is!