Jon Gosselin Has Been Sexily Replaced

Jon Gosselin Has Been Sexily Replaced-photo

Is there really any substitute for Jon Gosselin?

Apparently, Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City think so.

Life & Style reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has had to bow out of an appearance this Sunday at the New Jersey gaming venue due to contractual obligations, and has been replaced by Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on the vampire drama True Blood.

"TLC forced Jon to cancel," a source tells the magazine, while a second insider adds that Jon's estranged wife, Kate Gosselin, was similarly forced to abandon an appearance at the Resorts casino in Atlantic City on September 4.

Let us know in the comments section: Is Ryan Kwanten an acceptable substitute for Jon Gosselin? Which one would you rather hang out with at a casino?



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  • Mikala

    Ryan Kwanten all the way. They f*cking upgraded.

  • -----

    Ryan kwanten !! wat kind of question is that hes from Australia and so am i n Jon is just fat so yea :)

  • Caroline

    What did Kate ever see in him? Also, what did he ever see in Kate?

  • CJ

    Who would go see the beer gutted, puffy faced, drunken, chainsmoking, womanizing lame fish Jon? Ryan, on the other hand....

  • K.D.

    why is his freakin' face so fat looking?

  • damn ryan
    damn ryan

    Ryan hottness!

  • stallown3d

    I'd rather hang out with Jon, but only because we have the same taste in women.

  • Tori_B.

    I'm sure there will many tears dropped because Jon was replaced with Ryan....NOT! Ryan is delicious, YUM-0! Jon just needs to start a support group with K-Fed and the Lohan Dad for loser dads looking for a fast buck. The group name could be, LOSERS! P.S. Ryan is so hot he makes my teeth sweat!

  • Janette

    Ryan Kwanten any day, but that's kind of sad for him that he's the replacement for Jon Gosselin.

  • kenza

    Ewwww, button your shirt up!

  • jeffvond

    OMG!! TLC had to FORCE him to tape his show WITH his kids. This poor, poor man...when will he find the time to hit on skanks??

  • Trish

    HA! This is a joke, right? Ryan Kwanten hands down... there's no way in hell I, or probably any other sane woman, would be within 5 feet of Jon Gosselin...

  • Otaci

    There really is no doubt right, is this not a hypothetical question? Ryan Kwanten