Jon Gosselin Is Going Broke

Jon Gosselin Is Going Broke-photo

Oh, no!  Jon Gosselin is on the verge of going broke, Fox 411 reports.

Apparently the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has been blowing through cash like a drunken sailor on shore leave since splitting with wife Kate Gosselin.

"Kate was the accountant in their family. She was in charge of the bank accounts and kept Jon on a tight leash and budget," an insider squeals. "He got a certain amount of money per week and that was it. Now that he's free of all that control, he's like a kid with play money."

And - surprise! - he's not spending most the cash on his eight kids. "He uses his Jon & Kate Plus 8 connections to get free stuff for the children, and then he pays for big ticket items for [girlfriend] Hailey [Glassman]," the source continues. "While he was in Vegas this weekend flirting with many other women, he bought Hailey expensive jewelry. Then he got tons of free candy for the kids."

Better make room on your shelf for that Father of the Year award, Jon!

Compounding Big Papa Gos' financial woes is the fact that he moved to pricey New York City after splitting with wife Kate, and his desire to keep 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey in a lush lifestyle.

"Jon is spending a lot of money to live in New York City and be close to Hailey," the source adds. "She spends most nights with him and they usually order food or go out to nice restaurants on the Upper West Side. They take cabs everywhere and he takes her shopping and to visit her family. Jon houses his car in a garage in the city as well for easy access for the shopping trips and drives home to Pennsylvania. The money is going fast!"

About the only source of extra revenue for Jon these days is making personal appearances, but with Jon & Kate network TLC putting the brakes on that, he could experience real money woes in the very near future.

Let us know in the comments section: What would be a good side-job for Jon Gosselin to pick up a little extra dough?



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  • guest17

    I fking HATE this guy. and could they NOT find a better picture to use here? thats so gross. though i perfer no picture. NASTY!

  • Rigby

    Do plugs fall out after awhile? He is such a tool.

  • Diana

    I wish people would quit showing this picture. I was eating and he totally ruined my appetite. so gross looking.....

  • obsessed

    that is soo dutty

  • RS

    I totally agree with you Victor.

  • Mollie Gallo
    Mollie Gallo

    He already got plugs as documented on the show

  • K.D.

    Look at him. He's a "hot mess!" He is probably so psyched that a 22-year old even looks in his direction. He's a walking ad for everything a woman doesn't want OR need for that matter. I'm with aimes regarding the Rogaine. Better yet, plugs!

  • aimes76

    John, Rogaine. Now. You're not going to look any better bald. Run. You're welcome.

  • noah

    That is such an unfortunate photo of him. His belly looks like a hairy bowl of mashed potatoes.

  • natalie

    He should work in a factory where they make toys:) So at least he can give his children toys:)Since he's broke:)