Lady GaGa’s Genitals Not Amused by She-Male Rumors

Let it be known that Lady GaGa’s woman-parts are very sensitive. Especially when someone suggests that they’re actually man-parts.

During an interview on Brisbane, Australia’s Nova morning radio station on Thursday, co-host Meshel broached the recent rumors that Lady GaGa might not have been born a lady at all, and is in fact carrying some masculine junk under her outrageous outfits.

“Where are we at with the tiny penis issue right now, Lady GaGa?” Meshel asked.

“My beautiful vagina is very offended. I’m not offended—my vagina is offended,” GaGa shot back.

Uh-oh; sounds like a certain Aussie shock-jock owes somebody’s vagina an apology.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Lady GaGa’s genitals have a right to be offended in this instance?

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