Simon Cowell Is Missing Paula Abdul

Simon Cowell Is Missing Paula Abdul-photo

It was our favorite love-hate relationship on TV: Simon Cowell vs. Paula Abdul! Unfortunately, it's now gone forever (or so it seems).

So, how does Simon feel about former friend and fellow American Idol judge?

He tells Extra's Terri Seymour, “I miss her, of course,” adding that he's remained uncharacteristically mum on her sudden exit because “doesn’t want to get in the middle” of her fight with American Idol producers.

The millionaire also admits that the chemistry between the remaining judges and the "guest judges" is way different.

“It’s like comparing a carrot to a banana,” he dished.

Will you miss the crazy banter between Paula and Simon on the upcoming season of Idol? Share your thoughts below.



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  • Magda Kopp
    Magda Kopp

    Wont be the same simon and paula belong together they are a great couple. Just wont watch anymore.

  • abby

    Im really pissed that paula isnt coming back on the show. im gonna miss saula moments. keep making saula things on utube! i dont want the flame 2 die out!

  • Ann

    Of course I'm gonna miss the banter between Simon and Paula. This was the only reason I watched the show. They made the show. BRING PAULA BACK!!

  • Sarah

    Yeah for them to go and mess up such an awesome bond that they all had with each other was really idiotic kinda makes me wonder what the hell those producers are thinking too but what evers I know she will do fine with out those morons so they can take that show and SHOVE IT up their A**.

  • amanda

    beacause idol producers are stupid!

  • fan

    amazing how Paula is supposed to feel so grateful and oh so lucky. Ryan does not to deserve to out earn her this disproportionaely, and certainly Randy Jackson should not make more but he does.. They insulted her and she did what any self respecting person should, she walked. Go Paula. She will work. It's a fool's errand counting Paula Abdul out.

  • Veracity

    Look, the amount of money they all make for the amount of work that they do should be MORE than enough for someone like Paula Abdul to be grateful for. She made 1 album 20 years ago and disappeared. Now she expects to be making as much money as Simon or Ryan who have both WORKED UP TO, and DESERVE the amount they are making. She just ended her career for good! I'm sure she will be fine with the 20 mil she has in the bank!

  • kyuubi

    But does he miss her enough to give her some of his salary to make up the difference between Paula and the producers? Me thinks not!

  • francine

    oh god this is 2 sad !! no more saula on tv :( i'm done with idol , never gona watch again if they dont bring paula back !!!!!

  • Mike

    Sorry but this was a BAD IDEA for American Idol to get rid of her. It's a hit show that works and she is one of the main reasons - whether the producers like it or not. I can't understand why the producers would think someone like Paula Abdul would settle for a lot less money then Ryan Seacrest. Odd.