VIDEO: Joe Jonas Shakes His Tailfeather

VIDEO: Joe Jonas Shakes His Tailfeather-photo

Woo-hoo; you work it, boy!

Joe Jonas felt inspired to shake his moneymaker during the Jonas Brothers concert in Ottawa, Canada, on Monday, swaying his sweet virginal rump for the adoring crowd.

Sure, it's not quite as magical his leotard-clad version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," but it's still pretty enthralling nonetheless. Check out the video below: 

If you plan on hitting up a JoBros concert in the near future, make sure to bring plenty of one-dollar bills. That boy is earning those tips!



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  • annalyjonas

    omjonas icant believe it uhh im soo inlove with him he has tgo do that again:)

  • danger'sfuturewifey

    ....(im so speechless)=)

  • Abby Martin
    Abby Martin

    o.o im shocked! O.O i looooooooooooooooooove him! Ohhhh.. Im burnin up, burnin up for you babyyyyy if you have it, use it! isn't he HOT? Of course he is (:

  • maria pia
    maria pia

    so HOTT!! hahahha

  • lexy

    aawww soo cute!! he looks hot!!

  • Rita

    he looks stupid! really plain stupid

  • Abby

    It's kinda cute how he's just fooling around with his bandmembers. I really like him :) He's so sweet. Yes, he broke up with a girl over the phone, but it was the only way to contact her. They were on the opposite sides of the USA, and at least it wasn't a text message. Have I mentioned he's completely HOT!?

  • oh yes...
    oh yes...

    Oh heck, yes, Joe Jonas is hot hot hot and GORGEOUS and when he dances, oh my I love it! Check out the youtube videos where Joe is dancing when Jordin Sparks sings Battlefield during Jonas Brothers concerts. Find ones with good picture quality and close ups of Joe -- and then you'll see HOT!!!!!! He definitely knows how to move that sweet stuff. If you love Joe also watch the ones where he's all wet in Toronto. He looks so incredibly delicious. And when he smiles, he looks so Sweet. I love a sweet sexy, cute funny and good boy. I'd stuff $100s rather than $1s.

  • hahaha

    SPARE ME!!

  • daniela

    uFF gracias a dioa existen los jonas brothers, son el mejor grupo ke he visto, si algunas personas lo critican es solo pura y fisica envidia de que talvez no pueden ser igual o mejores ke ellos , ah y les aclaro los jonas NO son gays ...♥ ok , y si elguine va a komentar criticando mejor ke se trage sus palabras y no se meta con ellos.................♥..♥..♥..♥... i ♥ JONAZ 4ever and ever los amooooooo....

  • mica from argentina
    mica from argentina

    OMG!!! did i die?¿ not sure but i know something THAT KID HAS TO DO THIS MORE OFTEN!!! haha lov joe SHAKE IT KID!! (PLEASE!!!!!)