Jon & Kate Plus Eight: The X-Rated Version

Oh man, we knew this was coming!

In light of the recent tabloid circus surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin and their reality TV drama, a hardcore video company plans to profit off the couple with a little X-rated video of their own. 

Devil’s Film is releasing a new hardcore DVD spoof of the reality TV couple, the cleverly titled “Jon & Kate F*ck Eight.”

Devil’s Film sales manager Steve Volponi explains that the movie was written with the angle that “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

“In our movie they go to marriage counseling and come out with the suggestion that maybe they should go out there and bang other people, so they do and then it turns out that after they sow their wild oats that they are meant to be together,” he said. “It’ll probably be true to life.”

“Right now with the timing of it—they’re on TV every three minutes—I think this movie is going to be huge,” he reasons. “More people know about Jon and Kate than have HBO. Everybody we tell the name of the title to has an immediate chuckle. I think at the retail stores it will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.”

The DVD will be hitting shelves Sept. 14.