PHOTO GALLERY: Ashlee Simpson Looks Slim in NYC

Wow. Is someone into the whole vampire, look or what?

Ashlee Simpson was spotted out to dinner at Nobu 57 with her friends in NYC on Thursday night looking like she hasn't eaten in weeks. Don't even get us started on the makeup.

Check out the pics of Ashlee in our new gallery, and let us know what you think about her new look in the comments section.



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  • ger1_g

    Who do you think you are to judge her .... AND SHE IS BETTER SINGER THAN MANY OF THE PEOPLE THAT WE CALL "STARS" . She was pregnant how do you espect to be SKINNY .she has perfecs body no one likes the skinniest or the fattest [ ! ] Guys think about what will you do if you were in the place of this person that you are judging !

  • ifyouseekkatie

    she is sooooooooooooooooo gross. ugly. no talent. and treats pete like a pawn.