VIDEO: Britney Spears Covers Alanis Morissette

VIDEO: Britney Spears Covers Alanis Morissette-photo

Woah! Singing LIVE? Our girl is getting her confidence back!

Britney Spears sang the Alanis Morissette classic "You Oughta Know" on Saturday night at her concert in Greensboro, NC.

How do you think she did? Share your thoughts on her performance in the comments section!



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    Nice pants Brit!

  • reneelucky7

    That sucked. I can't believe anyone would pay to see that trailer trash "sing" and strut around half naked...gross. I was thinking the same thing. Brit and Alanis M have nothing in common. Oh and "R", no one gives a sh*t enought about Brit to be jealous of her.

  • R

    It was brilliant. Her voice was fantastic and the people that are saying she sounded awful really need to get a clue. Stop being so jealous of Miss Brit and get a life instead.

  • aimes76

    That sucked. I can't believe anyone would pay to see that trailer trash "sing" and strut around half naked...gross.

  • Gwyn

    they probally pre-recorded so it would sound live ppl! why would she sing someone else's song live and not her own. she's been doing concert for years, her ppl know the tricks to get ppl to assume she's singing live. plus they can put auto-tune on her mic and you would never know!

  • Jaca

    yu are idiot...Dennia... sang live just as any video is not well recorded and does not hear the beautiful... super sang, just as you have not been there to hear!!! britney

  • Donkey Punch
    Donkey Punch

    What kind of idiot would think that was live? She hasn't sung "live" since her jail bait music videos

  • ali

    I was there and it did not sound live to me!!

  • Dennia

    she completely ruined the song..and her voice sucked. so idk why everyone is so "OMG! SHE SANG LIVE!" as if she did a good job. and it's not really impressive if you've been around for like 10 years and for the first time, you're singing live. i'm not a britney hater, just being honest.

  • Nicole

    I was impressed. Although I like Beyonce more, I think Britney did a better cover of 'You Oughta Know'. Great job, Brit!

  • anonymous

    i thought she did amazing, the quality of this video isn't that good. But there is another video on youtube in HD and she sounded amazing!

  • Maria

    That's right bitches. While others lose their voice Britney keeps hers intact, and brings it out whenever she feels like it. I'm so happy because she sounds great, and still has that belt in her voice. She looks amazing.