VIDEO: Paula Abdul Does 'Drop Dead Diva'

VIDEO: Paula Abdul Does 'Drop Dead Diva'-photo

You've gotta check out this sneak peak of this season's episodes of Drop Dead Diva, featuring none other than guest stars Liza Minnelli, Delta Burke, Rosie O'Donnell and, YEP, Paula Abdul.

Paula, in her first TV role since leaving American Idol last month, takes a jab at her former J-O-B, saying "it's nice being the only judge."

Oh, Paula. You make us laugh.

Will you be checking out Paula on this season of Diva? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • TRacey

    Paula Abdul belted and bedazzled her courtroom judge outfit I LOVE HER SCENE. i'm glad she was on this show. leave it to paula to be on an episode with a cause! but it's not fair about the dress sizes. i went to england and they had sizes for all kinds of people in this department store it was cool. all kinds of PRETTY underwear in a million sizes (sometimes the bigger the undies get the more hideous they get in USA). all the girls in my family are heavy and it's like they have to shop at special stores. kinda uncool.

  • georgia peach
    georgia peach

    off with the head of clay FAKIN'! lol lol lol ha ha ha ha! and paula abdul know she was way too cool in this! big up to paula! big gurrlz need love too!

  • riddix2k

    this is so funny i love it when celebs can laugh at their situations. good for her! this is great!

  • cheffera

    paula abdul is the best thing on american idol and they are just pulling every stunt in the world to act like she's not.

  • lovingP