Diablo Cody Explains Why People Hate Megan Fox

Megan Fox has been known to say some really stupid things when, well, whenever she opens that pretty little mouth of hers. And that’s tended to put a lot of people off.

But Diablo Cody says that people just don’t understand her.

Cody—who wrote Fox’s upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body—tried to explain Megan’s sometimes off-putting personality during a recent interview with The Frisky.

“She really makes people angry! Girls hate her, don’t they?” Cody marveled, before attempting to clear the air. “Even having worked with her to this extent, I don’t know her very well because she’s very private and mysterious. But I’ve [heard] these things come out of her mouth. I’ve been present for some of these interviews and she is totally fearless. What she is saying is completely genuine. It is not a front. I think people think she’s trying to create some kind of image for herself that she’s not, but she’s a really, truly eccentric person.”

Of course, what some people might consider eccentricity, others would categorize as mental illness. And Megan herself would most likely agree with them.

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Do you think Megan Fox’s tendency to make controversial statements is contrived, or the genuine ramblings of a free spirit?