Joe Francis Does Not Take Disloyalty Lightly

Wow. Joe Francis has a vindictive side. Who knew?

TMZ reports that Francis lashed out at ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson for not going along with his side of the story in his dust-up with Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner at West Hollywood nightclub Guys & Dolls late last month and got back at her by taking back some furniture that he had given her.

According to the site, Wilson called 911 on the same day of the fight, complaining that Francis had sent employees over to her house with a moving truck to confiscate, among other things, a love seat that he had given her. Francis admits he sent his assistant over to take back his love offerings, saying that he was angry that Wilson was “lying” about what went down at the bar fight. (According to Jenner, Francis had been harassing Wilson, and when Nicole stepped in, Francis roughed her up. Francis says that he was the victim in the whole sad incident, allowing only that he might have accidentally pulled Nicole’s hair when she startled him by throwing a drink on him.)

Apparently, several hours after the fracas, Francis texted Wilson detailing his side of the altercation, but Wilson wasn’t buying his version of things. At which point Joe decided to teach her a lesson by taking her furniture.

Sources claim that Francis is especially anxious to get Wilson to agree with his side of the story because getting in a fight might violate the conditions of his early release from prison.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Joe Francis was justified in taking back the gifts he gave to Wilson?