Jon Gosselin Says He Despises Kate

Ooh, things are getting even uglier in the ongoing Jon and Kate Gosselin drama!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch Jon Gosselin lashes out at his ex in his Good Morning America interview with Chris Cuomo, and judging from the excerpts presented by E! Online he’s clearly done with holding back his emotions.

“I can’t sit on a sofa with that woman. I can’t sit with someone right now that I despise—I despise because she’s not speaking from the heart,” says Gosselin, who claims that he was “verbally abused” and “beaten down” by his estranged wife.

Gosselin also discusses his party-boy lifestyle, claiming that he was making up for lost time.

“I had twins at 23. I had sextuplets at 27. Bye-bye, twenties,” says Gosselin. “In 10 years, I’ve never gone out…When she said, ‘I don’t want you going out,’ I…I used to say, ‘OK, I’m not going to go out.’ I was very passive. This is the first time I said, ‘You know what? I want to see my friends. I’m going out.’…I just felt like I had to take back some time in my life, and I did it. And I felt really good. I made my own decision…I was beaten down for so long, I couldn’t even make my own decision. And when I did, I was like, holy cow! You know? Yeah, what’s she gonna do? Divorce me? All right. Obviously. You know.”

Yeah, Jon, we know.

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