Kim Kardashian Is Back in Black

Kim Kardashian Is Back in Black-photo

Kim Kardashian's blonde moment has passed.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star—who lightened her locks last month for the Teen Choice Awards—is returning back to her roots. Her dark roots.

"I'm dying [sic] my hair back dark...bye bye blonde, see u next summer! Love ya!" Kardashian writes on her official Web site.

Oh, well. All good things must come to an end.

Let us know in our poll: Do you prefer Kim as a blonde, or a brunette?



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  • Chelsea

    She doesen't look bad with blonde hair.

  • Jen

    I'm not hating on her or anything...I don't even know who she is really. But honestly....when did someone dying their hair become newsworthy?

  • Mini Me Man
    Mini Me Man

    LMAO dude guys, kim is probably WAYYYYYYYYYY hotter then most girls right now. You all are insulting her looks and sh*t, well think about this, if your a girl, go to the freakin mirror right now, and tell me what u see. I bet, that 90% of all u stupid freaks insulting kim are fat wanna-be women with no lives. The only reason your insulting her is cause your jealous of her looks. Well you know what, you should be. Kim you look beautiful with blonde hair. Peace.

  • princess susu
    princess susu

    grow up idiots if you don't like kim get off the fukn page u low lifess!!


    chanttttttttttty! WoW u sure got us !! and PLEASE the only way they think of making a living is getting naked and walk around like slutz when did they ever get real jobs ? if u LUUUUUUUUUUV THEM SO MUCH ???? u

  • Kyle

    [quote=kim's fugly]i prefer kim in a shade of DEAD. ugly bitch That's a bit extreme don't you think? Just because someone's annoying doesn't mean they should die. Kim has a family and people who love her and I think her life means something to them. How would you like it if you read online people who knew nothing about you, wishing you were dead? Keep your distrubed thoughts to yourself. Child.

  • kim fan
    kim fan

    Seriously LMAO!!! That was hilarious you're a bitch too!

  • kim fan
    kim fan

    [quote=kim's fugly]i prefer kim in a shade of DEAD. ugly bitch you're a bitch...why would u even write something on someone's wall that u don't like??? why r u even reading updates about her if u hate her?? Grow up!!

  • sally

    I am sorry but she was not blonde... it was a dirty yellow. somelike Jessica Simpson is blonde....

  • liraz

    she did something to her face and its not the hair color! some kind of plastic surgery that made her look different.

  • chanttttttttttty!

    I love how ur all here on her site staring down her pictures and making nasty comments wen yaa all prob fat slobs sitting on a broken down chair wid a donut in one had and a greasy ass hand on the key board. How bout u go make a living and let these ppl do wat dey do best which is look wayyy better than u and entertain us!! -- kim u look gorgeous any color hair!! and khloe is gorgeous. gives hope to fuller women (even though she lost madd weight) nd kourt is awesome!

  • Gemma

    [quote=kim's fugly]i prefer kim in a shade of DEAD. ugly bitch Seriously LMAO!!! That was hilarious

  • stallown3d

    [quote=kim's fugly]i prefer kim in a shade of DEAD. ugly bitch wait. tell us how you really feel.

  • noah

    she is so freakin in to herself..the ONLY sister I like is Kort Don't forget about her brother Khloe. He's quite handsome.

  • lala

    she is so freakin in to herself..the ONLY sister I like is Kort

  • kim's fugly
    kim's fugly

    i prefer kim in a shade of DEAD. ugly bitch

  • noah

    I feel like this debate shouldn't even be up for consideration. Kim looks 100 times better as a blonde.