Shawne Merriman Denies Hurting Tila Tequila

The recent unpleasantness between the San Diego Chargers’ Shawne Merriman and reality-TV personality Tila Tequila is turning into an intriguing game of he sad-she said.

Merriman was arrested over the weekend after his girlfriend Tequila (born Tila Nguyen) accused him of choking and restraining her at Merriman’s Poway, California home. But now the footballer is telling his side of the story, and it differs dramatically from Tila’s version of the truth.

Merriman tells Fox Sports that, far from harming his girlfriend, he was trying to prevent her from leaving his home because she was dangerously drunk.

“I think when it all surfaces, it will be a different situation. Period,” Merriman asserts.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Merriman added, “At the time, I was concerned about her welfare given the intoxicated state she appeared to be in and I encouraged her to stay until safe transportation could be provided. We would all do our best to help a friend if we considered their actions to be detrimental to their personal safety. I in no way caused any harm to Ms. Nguyen, however, paramedics were called and she was examined but no injuries were reported. She was released and has since returned to Los Angeles, California.”

Merriman adds that there have been no charges filed against him. 

Hmm. Readers, let us know in the comments section: Who do you believe in all this, Merriman or Tequila?