PHOTO GALLERY: Kim Cattrall is 80s Sex-y

Kim Cattrall hit the set of Sex and the City 2 in New York on Wednesday rocking a retro look ripped straight from the '80s. Check out the big hair—does she have a permit for that?

Click through the pics and let us know in the comments section: Is Kim's look totally bitchin', or grody to the max?



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  • noah

    Three good questions to ask yourself before leaving the house are: 1) does everything I have on match 2) am I going to be too hot to dance in this, and 3) do I look like a 65 year old transsexual?

  • What in the blue hell?
    What in the blue hell?

    "We're not gonna take it. No! We ain't gonna take it. We're not gonna take it... Anymore!" Seriously though, she looks like a tranny.

  • laura

    she looks like a tranny