PHOTO GALLERY: The Young and Famous at a GQ Party

Tons of stars showed up at a cocktail party in honor of designer Kris Van Assche and hosted by GQ & Dior Homme at The Cooper Square Hotel Penthouse last night in New York City.

Celebs such as Chace Crawford, Jesse Metcalfe, Mischa Barton, Taylor Momsen, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson showed up for the fashion-friendly bash.

Check out all the action from the party in our new gallery! Hot!



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  • Claudia Duarte
    Claudia Duarte

    someone please teach this young lady how to smile...

  • Twinkle Stardust
    Twinkle Stardust

    Does this young Hollywood even read GQ magazine...what's the point, it's all about having someone famous at their parties to boost their publications and cool factor...What was young Hollywood doing at this party?

  • kirknga

    ew Mishca .... Whats she wearing? Bad actress with bad taste! me thinks "she needs a drink"

  • LO

    Half of those pictures are just the same just zoomed in. Dumbest photo album ever!

  • Mrs.Cullen

    I think you wrote it wrong. I bet you wanted to write: has to be the most disgustig person in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!! Metrosexual!!!!!!!!!

  • missbrightside

    I thought she was a ghost

  • lovedrunk

    has to be the most beautiful person in the world......

  • sarah

    she looks like a mermaid gone bad. kinda love it!!!!! Although her being 16 kinda freaks me out. girlfriend should lay off the eyeliner.