Playboy Wants Kate Gosselin

Playboy Wants Kate Gosselin-photo

Really, Hugh Hefner. Really?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin has reportedly been offered some hefty dough to appear in the buff in Playboy Magazine. $400,000 to be exact.

"Hugh sent her a letter, but Kate was totally mortified and threw it away!" a source tells Star Magazine. "She didn't think it was appropriate because of the children."

While she is "proud of the way she looks" after having eight children, Kate has definitely turned down the offer.

Have your say in the comments section: Would you like to see Kate Gosselin's post-baby body in the pages of Playboy?



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  • cracker jill
    cracker jill

    would love to see it just to see them work their airbrush magic

  • H

    FYI Julie, she didn't purchase her tummy tuck...... a plastic surgeon gave it to her...

  • lohanp

    According to news that no one should care about, Playboy made an offer to Kate Gosselin to pose for the magazine. Kate Gosselin turned them down, but some people are holding out that she'll appear in Thrown off a Cliff to Rabid Hungry Wolverines and Grizzly Bears Monthly. (Or that she'll be thrown off a cliff to rabid hungry wolverines and grizzly bears.) She turned Hefner down flat, and instead of posing nude will be further exploiting her children and failed marriage (which failed due to her henpecking – let's be honest) for money. Since Kate Gosselin gets $75,000 per episode of the inane and utterly rotten show she's on, she won't need a payday cash loan anytime soon.

  • Julie

    She's proud of her body after having kids? It should say, she's proud of the body SHE PURCHASED after having kids! I'm all for beautiful Mom's and all, but I don't think the world really wants to see her exposed C-section scar and scowl.

  • this is all WRONG
    this is all WRONG

    yh...i agree wid her she has 8 children, shes a divorced woman and she wouldnt want 2 set a bad example to her children!!! what if she does it and when her children grow up and get an offer of this type and she tells them they cnt do it dey cn sy u did so y cnt we!!!!! its jus nt ryt unless mayb ur child is bitchy!!!n dos d same!!!!

  • lahe27

    omg! that is sick!

  • ridiculousmisha

    Im so glad she didnt take the offer.;)

  • reneelucky7

    I think that she would be better in an a S&M magazine dressed as a dominatrix beating John with whip and pouring hot wax on his chest.

  • stallown3d

    I hope they have her pose with 8 little half Asian midgets in the pictorial. HOT.

  • please no
    please no

  • itsmelaura

    Okay, I take it back. They CAN get worse than Lindsay Lohan.

  • tomcat49

    cute lady but I agree not because of the kids