Tila Tequila: “Merriman is Spinning The Story”

It’s a he said-she said kind of story, and we don’t know who to believe!

Over the weekend, reality star and twitter enthusiast Tila Tequila accused San Diego Chargers’ linebacker Shawne Merriman of choking her after she tried to leave his home.

Merriman insists that he was only trying to keep an “extremely intoxicated” Tila Tequila safe after she insisted on leaving his place.

Now, Tila’s attorney Alan Gutman is slamming the NFL star’s “fantastic story.”

In a new statement, Gutman says, “Shawne Merriman and his advisors have decided that the best defense is a good offense, attacking Tila Tequila in the press with a lot of calculated spin to cover up his illegal and indefensible actions.”

“Fortunately, we as a society will not tolerate a 6-foot-4-inch, 270-pound all-pro NFL linebacker physically assaulting a young lady who is 4 feet, 11 inches and 93 pounds. It is never justifiable to brutally assault, choke, strike and imprison a woman.”

“Once the truth is fully revealed, Mr. Merriman’s fantastic story of how he was trying to keep Ms. Tequila safe will be completely discredited. No one, especially a woman, should ever have to endure what Mr. Merriman did to Tila Tequila.”

Who do you believe? Leave your opinion below!