Lindsay Lohan Goes on Late-Night Twitter Rampage

Lindsay Lohan apparently had a busy night. And quite the incoherent one.

The Machete actress took to her Twitter account at about 3 o’clock this morning to issue a series of cryptic communiques, primarily directed at her DJ gal-pal, Samantha Ronson.

“Can you make an attempt to not ruin ANYTHIzG [sic] positive that i have FINALLY deserved just to cry myself to sleep with your cheats, errors, and thank you…for being a friend before a sell-out……….the term ‘self out’ was coined from ME and i gave them sooooooo much insightabout,” the messages begin, before taking a turn into far left field.

“For their not only COMPLETE, BUT SUBSTANISAN ***FRIENDS***********,” Lohan continues, apparently working from a dictionary that we’re not familiar with.

Lohan winds up her Twitter freak-out with the following gem: “BUT YOU DID perform to JUST told me that your friends are worth more than i am 2 your family & that i’m gross*thx.”

Uh-oh; sounds like all is not complete bliss in Sam and LiLo land. We think. We might be able to provide more insight once we’ve determined the proper definition of “substanisan.” 

Any help, readers? Take to the comments section and let us know just what you think Lohan was Twit-babbling about.