VIDEO: Jamie Campbell Bower Likes to Tear it Up

VIDEO: Jamie Campbell Bower Likes to Tear it Up-photo

Does Jamie Campbell Bower have a sadistic streak?

Judging from this video, yes indeed.

The actor—who plays Volturi clansman Caius in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon—recently talked to MTV about his favorite scene from the movie.

Without hesitating, Campbell Bower enthused, " Well, there’s a particular scene where we rip this guy apart, and I just sit there smiling and really enjoying it. When I got the script, I was like, 'That’s the one I want to do the most!,' because there’s nothing to say. It’s really sordid, gross and really grim—that was pretty fun."

Yikes; we'd hate to hear what his idea of a non-fun time is.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you looking forward to seeing Jamie Campbell Bower rip his foes limb from limb in New Moon?



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  • Dani

    Well he was in Sweeny Todd. I'm seeing a trend.

  • me

    He's so boring! I'm still so mad that he's going to play Grindlewald in Deathly Hallows. He's not right for the role at all.

  • obsessed

    no teh duhhhh! such an obvious answerrr.. anything new moon related