Jennifer Aniston to Take a Break From Acting

Jennifer Aniston to Take a Break From Acting-photo

Is this bad news or a cause for celebration? We really can't decide.

Jennifer Aniston tells Fox News that, when she's finished filming The Bounty with Gerard Butler, she'll be taking a few months off from acting.

"I’m going to go on an adventure, take myself somewhere. I won’t start another job until at least January," Aniston, 40, says. "I want to take time off. I’m going to throw myself into ‘Echo’ (her production company) and just keep plugging away."

Well, at least she won't be spending the next three months wallowing in the seemingly bottomless depths of her loneliness.

Tell us in the comments section: What do you think Jen should do on her little adventure?



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  • michellec

    I hope so. I don't call what see does acting. More like moping.

  • patty

    Jennifer ia an awsome actress & has cool hair styles.I wish I could look like her.Also she deserves to find th right man & be happy.Hey maybe she could beon the next bachlorette show.Also she could play on days of our lives where also her dad plays on.Which I watch all the time.That would be cool wouldn't it.Just putting a couple of ideas out there.

  • Virginia

    She is a great actress!!! u guys that are talking bad about her should stop hating because she is a beautiful girl and I am glad for her taking a break she deserves it., grow up and look at yourself first before u talk.....

  • eatshit

    she sucks

  • Bbaldar Yahoo
    Bbaldar Yahoo

    will she's terrible actress anyway Dear wtfgirl, I know that my name is not Will, but I still adore you! I have a confession. I tink that Jennifer Aniston is a great freaking freak of an actress! With that said, and I may be doing some recon work for her here by asking, but I just have to know why you think she is a terrible actress?

  • elvorie

    she should take a break it will do her good. but not for too long though.

  • wtfgirl

    will she's terrible actress anyway

  • plombir

    Taking a break? when the hell did she start acting? . she really worked hard last months and deserves a break. she's a good actress and a wonderful woman and you're rude and lame

  • claire

    It's much better if she just leave Hollywood. She's not talented enough to stay longer in HW.

  • Lisa

    Taking a break? when the hell did she start acting?

  • Carol

    I LOVE Jennifer Aniston!!!! She is my favourite actress by far!! she really deserves some time to relax! Jen, you're the best!

  • Lynnette Shaw
    Lynnette Shaw

    Good for her! She's been working her butt off lately. I think she should go to the islands and relax. Maybe hook up with Kenny Chesney for some Corona's! :)

  • Teds22

    She should stay on a permanent adventure and save us all from lame "Racheal" rom-coms and her terrible acting.