Jon Gosselin Brings Kate To Tears, Again!

Drama, drama, drama!

Kate Gosselin was in tears yesterday after Jon told her that he will soon be bringing girlfriend Hailey Glassman home to meet their eight children, according to Radar

After spending the day with Hailey, Jon decided to phone his soon-to-be ex-wife to inform her that he wants to start introducing his children to the new love in his life.

Kate’s pal from Pennsylvania, who spoke with her after the fight, says that “I think Jon is incredibly insensitive for doing this. This came out of nowhere. It took Kate totally by surprise.”

The reality TV mom thinks it’s too early to start bring a new women into their family home and is too much for the children to comprehend.

Have your say in the comment section: Do you think Jon should hold off on bringing his party-animal girlfriend home with him?