Kara DioGuardi Approves Of Ellen On ‘Idol’

It seems like everyone is excited that Ellen DeGeneres has been picked as the new judge on American Idol!

Idol judge Kara DioGuardi couldn’t be happier to share the judging table with the talk show host.

“I’m a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan,” she said in an interview airing today on Sirius XM’s The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick. “I think she’s going to bring so much to the show.”

Plus, she’s definitely excited that the attention will be off her, as she got quite a lot of negative press during her first year as an judge on the popular singing show.

“Yeah, I got slagged,” she said. “People were … it was difficult for them to accept the change. It was difficult for them to understand why somebody who nobody had ever heard of could kind of come out of nowhere and sit next to these iconic figures. You know, why was I there, what did I do to deserve to do to be there?”