Kim Kardashian Is A Lover, Not A Fighter

The Kardashians not getting along? Yeah, right!

Kim Kardashian took to her blog to confront the rumors on the latest issue of Star Magazine, which states that the beautiful sisters are at WAR with each other!

She writes, “I just read this Star Magazine cover story and laughed out loud. Cat fights? Jealous fits? Trash talk? If my sisters and I have cat fights they are 100% playful, sisterly fights!! You’ve seen how we tease each other on the show, and how we joke around on Twitter… it’s what sisters do!!! There’s no war here, people! We all totally support each other in anything and everything we do. Plus a little competition never hurt anyone ;) We drive each other to do better. Khloe and I totally motivated each other to lose weight, work out and generally be healthy. I’m so grateful to have my sisters around me and I know we’ll always support each other no matter what!”

Of course you guys will. You’re perfect!