New ‘New Moon’ Trailer Details: Now With More R-Pattz

Good news, Robert Pattinson fans; the New Moon trailer that’s set to debut at this Sunday’s Video Music Awards will feature a lot more footage of everyone’s favorite vampire than the previous trailer for the Twilight sequel. reports that the second trailer will focus on the footage shot in Italy for the movie’s ending, when Bella Swan attempts to prevent Edward Cullen from killing himself by turning himself over to the Volturi.

The new trailer will also give more love to Dakota Fanning’s Jane character—in fact , the trailer will open with a clip of Jane in full Volturi garb, watching on as Michael Sheen’s Aro snaps a human’s neck.

Also included in the clip: Edward and Bella’s break-up, with Bella lying despondent on the forest floor, and Bella’s vision of Edward with his car at Forks High.

Whew; R-Pattz overload! If there is indeed such a thing.

Let us know in the comments section: How excited are you to check out the New Moon trailer on Sunday’s VMAs?