PHOTO GALLERY: Mickey Rourke Eats A Rose

Yep. You read that title right.

Mickey Rourke was his ridiculous, outlandish self when he was spotted leaving Jalouse nightclub in London last night.

As he left the club at 3:15 am, the actor making the peace sign at photographers, bought a rose from a homeless man, then proceeded to eat the rose and spit the petals at the stunned paps.

Then he left with a lady "friend." True story. Check out the pics here!



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  • Chickie Katz
    Chickie Katz

    Very sexy photos! I like the ones after he chews the rose and blows it up into the air... wicked cool.

  • lilikindsli

    WTnc0A I want to say - thank you for this!

  • Davide

    needed here

  • Flirt-with-the-Help

    Forget tired old Mickey.... WHO is the HOT doorman standing in the background? YUM!

  • reneelucky7

    Mickey would eat homeless man poo if he knew that it would get him in the spot light.