Tila Tequila Shows Off Her Battle Wounds

Tila Tequila Shows Off Her Battle Wounds-photo

Last weekend, Tila Tequila accused San Diego Chargers football player Shawne Merriman of battery and false imprisonment after she tried to leave his San Diego home.

Merriman responded to Tila's accusations, insisting that he was trying to prevent the severely intoxicated star from driving home drunk.

Yesterday, the reality star stopped for the cameras to show off her bruises as she left a Beverly Hills hotel yesterday on her way to meet with investigators.

Ouch! Check out those bruises!

What do you think, readers? Who's side are you on?



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  • keza

    if you seen her tv show you can tell she is a drunken tart and i feel sorry for the people she brings down when shes drunk shes just a trouble maker so the next guy shes with just let her drive then we will all be rid of her

  • Aidan

    Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship knows damn well you don't want to show your bruises off or make a huge deal about it. Rihanna didnt - hers was completely exploited by the media. This is not evidence of a girl who was actually abused. I'm asumming the drunk slut wanted to leave and he was trying to protect her by stopping her. Attention whore! Every thing me and all the other abuse victims went through get completly undermined by dumb bitches like tila!

  • Bill

    Tila is nothing but an attention whore who is looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame which ran out a loooooong time ago.

  • LIAR

    Shes always drunk, falling down, hitting the toilet. She is a narsasist. Shawnes hands are also the size of here face. SHE IS LYING.

  • lucid

    So if she was choaked they why are there no bruises around her neck? Also she says she was not drunk, but the cops, the ambulance, the hospital and all the people who were at the club say she was either drinking or drunk. I hope Merriman sues the hell out of her

  • tilleyca

    who cares! she looks like the type that likes a little beating if you know what i mean. WOW. An Internet Tough Guy eh? You have genitals the size of a tomato seed. I don't know if she did it or not and she is definitely not my favorite person in the world. Not even close. But that's not OK to say and I hope you burn your chauvinist arse in hell!

  • liraz

    btw, tila learn how to put on make up! u look like a tranny! it's not difficult to learn, just stop by any cosmetic booth in macys!

  • liraz

    who cares! she looks like the type that likes a little beating if you know what i mean.

  • irene

    who gives a f*ck that drunnk slut! she wants attention why the f*ck should i care if shes f*ckn up her life